About Fabrice Vulin

Fabrice Vulin is a proudly French chef, shaped by experience in some of the world’s great kitchens and working with and learning from genuine culinary legends.

Having earned and retained multiple Michelin stars over the course of his career, he continued to innovate and inspired every day in his position as chef at “Caprice”, 2** Michelin stars, the elegant harbourside dining room in Hong Kong’s Four Seasons Hotel until January 2017.

Today, He is the Executive-Chef of the “Tasting room” in Macau, 2** Michelin Stars in City Of Dreams.

His French contemporary cuisine wins countless accolades and critical acclaim, not least in the form of two Michelin stars.
From France’s beautiful Hautes-Alpes region, he grew up surrounded by exceptional, fresh, local products which made it to the family table every day. His father was a ski instructor and military triathlon champion, meaning life in the mountains was lived to the full, while the ‘esprit de competition’ – or competitive spirit – was in his DNA, constantly pushing him to learn and improve.

This has continued throughout his career, one marked by stints working under true stars of gastronomy.

He explains that Claude Legras taught him to truly understand and appreciate ‘the cuisine of the market, cooking from day to day’, while the legendary Guy Krenzer at Lenôtre helped define cooking that was uniquely different from the traditional ‘cuisine du palace’.

Time in legendary Paris kitchens included The Royal Monceau, Concorde Lafayette, Fouquet’s, but it was a move to Geneva where he truly sealed his growing reputation. The first of two periods cooking at the Hotel du Parc des Eaux Vives helped define his culinary philosophy and approach, before he became the Executive Chef at La Closerie des Lilas, now more than twenty years ago.

Then, Chef for Anne-Sophie Pic’s restaurant in Valence (3 stars Michelins) during 3 years, before Switzerland came calling once again with a return to Hotel du Parc des Eaux Vives, he won two Michelin stars within fourteen months.

Always a lover of new experiences and broadening his boundaries, thereafter came a decision to leave Europe and head to Africa, in the form of Marrakesh in Morocco.

His classic but French contemporary cuisine is today influenced in part by his time in Morocco, but also fundamentally by the importance of ‘cuisine du terroir’, namely using only the very finest ingredients that pair naturally with one another. Dishes such as a sublime pigeon with Moroccan spices or risotto au caviar have become just two of his signatures.

“It’s always about the taste – while the visual is important, there are no gimmicks on my plates. Everything is there for the sake of the dish and three or four ingredients allow for more identifiable and harmonious flavours.”

After Morocco, he spent 3 years as the legendary and famous “Château de la Chèvre d’Or”, in the French Riviera, 2** Michelin stars as well.

He cites legends such as Escoffier, Robuchon, Ducasse, Keller and Paul Bocuse as his inspirations, those with decades of experience, unlike some younger chefs who claim to be the finished article by the age of 23.

He continues to learn and has recently cooked in Los Angeles, Washington, Singapore and Beijing and teamed up with iconic chefs and producers like Alexandre Polmard.

Today Fabrice Vulin is President Délégué Asia/Pacific of the prestigious worldwide Association “Maîtres Cuisiniers de France”.

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Maîtres Cuisiniers de France

An ambassador of french gastronomy


The Tasting Room

A Fresh Take on French Fine-Dining A visit to The Tasting Room is an invitation to journey with Fabrice Vulin, as he shares the flavors that encapsulate the best of France, and ingredients that reflect the changing of the seasons. Coming from Briançon, nestled among the pristine Alps, Fabrice has always held the philosophy of “la cuisine du terroir” close to heart, always letting his ingredients shine and striking the perfect balance between flair and flavor, so you can revel in the delights of nature and the craftsmanship of an accomplished chef.

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